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Pictures Of Safety Equipment

pictures of safety equipment

pictures of safety equipment - DBI 9501403

DBI 9501403 Trauma Suspension Safety Strap 1 pair

DBI 9501403 Trauma Suspension Safety Strap 1 pair

What is Suspension Trauma? - The Suspension Trauma Safety Strap was designed to help a worker overcome the potential negative health impacts of suspension trauma (otherwise known as Orthostatic Intolerance). This condition can occur when a person remains suspended at height (after a fall) for even short periods of time. Suspension in a harness may cause blood to pool in the veins of the legs which can result in unconsciousness; if not rescued promptly, serious injury or death may occur. OSHA requires that employers provide for prompt rescue of employees in the event of a fall. The Suspension Trauma Safety Strap is designed to prevent suspension trauma while a worker is awaiting rescue. Safety Strap Helps Prevent Suspension Trauma. The Suspension Trauma Safety Strap allows the worker, who is suspended, to stand up in their harness and to relieve the pressure being applied to the arteries and veins around the top of the legs. The continuous loop design allows both sides of the harness to relieve the pressure being applied to the legs. The strap accommodates either having one foot or both feet in the loop at a time - it will relieve the pressure to both sides with just one foot in allowing for added movement of the legs. The strap allows for increased comfort, balance and improved circulation in the legs while suspended and waiting for rescue. Fast and Easy Installation, Operation. The two packs are compact, lightweight and easily installed to most harness sizes, styles and brands. To attach, simply choke the pack around the harness web at the hip. After a fall, the packs can quickly be unzipped, deploying the web loop and hook straps. These are easily connected and adjusted to provide a strap for the foot to conveniently step into. This allows the worker to stand in their harness and relieve the pressure on the legs while waiting for rescue.

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Waiting for Irene: It isn't really dark until the power goes out.

Waiting for Irene: It isn't really dark until the power goes out.

bar on crown

100 Pictures: 13. dark

1. Words: Coffee at JoJo's with Cliff
2. feathered: saddle feathers with chicken-wire shadow
3. fog: Beware the Fog
4. critter: The Goat Stares Back
5. butterflys/bees: Bees are My Bag, Baby
6. curve(s) tented olive from behind
7. eyes: Chicken Eye
8. fireworks/fire: Housatonic Wire Smoke Eclipse
9. culture: Culture of Fur
10. hidden: Algal Abstract in a Water Barrel
11. architecture: Safety, Fidelity, Efficiency
12. light: grapes and drapes, a permeable fence
13. dark: Waiting for Irene: It isn't really dark until the power goes out.
14. perspective
15. roadscapes (road/streets)
16. landscape
17. season
18. still life
19. ungulates (hooved animal)
20. water
21. window(s)
22. sun
23. movement
24. food
25. equipment
26. sport
27. sky
28. bench
29. machinary
30. flag
31. flight
32. celebration
33. color
34. fence
35. love
36. collection
37. flower/rose(s)
38. b&w
39. close up/macro
40. expression
41. pet
42. youth
43. symmetry
44. book(s)
45. happiness
46. vintage
47. bokeh
48. depth of field
49. out of place
50. camera
51. weird
52. shadow
53. broken
54. fave thing/place
55. hair
56. instrument
57. apple
58. shape(s)
59. amphibian
60. sweets
61. cold
62. hot
63. lock/keyhole
64. high
65. empty
66. time
67. distance
68. smell
69. rock(y)
70. portrait
71. vacation/travel
72. candid
73. hand
74. feet
75. sepia
76. artsy
77. public place
78. steps/stairs
79. bridge
80. horizon
81. gate
82. vine(s)
83. beauty
84. balloons
85. forms in nature
86. column(s)
87. doors/doorknob(s)
88. neon sign
89. porch
90. reflection
91. swing(s)
92. barn(s)
93. looking up
94. looking down
95. railroad anything
96. entropy
97. stranger
98. park/campground
99. around my yard
100. hobby

Storm Tornado Chasing Car Truck Van Interceptor Storm Chaser

Storm Tornado Chasing Car Truck Van Interceptor Storm Chaser

Storm chaser and extreme weather journalist Warren Faidley is seen sitting in the "Archangel" stormchasing interceptor. This unique vehicle was the second tornado and storm chasing truck built by Warren. Although specialized tornado chasing cars and vehicles are common now days, in the late 1980’s Warren designed, then constructed a storm chase vehicle nicknamed the "Interceptor". This unique SUV was the world's first all purpose storm chasing and tornado chasing car built specifically for chasing, tracking, photographing and filming extreme weather and violent storms. Many of today’s elaborate "tornado chase" or "tornado proof" cars and vehicles are built for no real purpose other than to grab media attention as no vehicle can withstand the force of a 300 mile per hour violent tornado. (Potential chasers and media beware and take note!) If anyone was to drive into a tornado, they would likely be killed instantly as it is difficult to estimate a tornados ever-changing intensity. Although Warren’s chase vehicles include impact-resistant glass, a NASCAS-type roll cage and other safety equipment, they not designed to be driven foolishly into a twister.

You may have seen Warren and one of his storm chasing cars in TV advertisements or in magazine and news shows like National Geographic, The Weather Channel, Discovery HD, Life Magazine, CNN and many more.

Disclaimer: Storm chasing and tornado chasing, or any type of tornado chasing, storm photography or attempt to take tornado pictures or storm pictures is dangerous and should only be conducted by experienced storm chasers or tornado chasers.

pictures of safety equipment

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